Hua Mulan

I was invited by Adobe China early this year (2020) to create one illustration based on the famous Chinese folktale “Mulan”. 

The story is about a female warrior who takes her aged father’s place in the conscription for the army by disguising herself as a man. 

In this illustration, I want to show the power of women, especially when it is a difficult time during one’s live. 


Early Drafts 

After some research, I made two drafts which I was happy about: one is Mulan dressed up as a male warrior, with the background of an elegant garden where she used to belong as a Chinese woman in old times. The other draft shows Mulan dressed up as a woman in red ( the colour of marriage in China ), with the burning Great Wall and warrior armer as backgrounds. 

In the end I choose to proceed with the female-look Mulan version, because the workload is more so it's more challenging. 


Thank you for reading.